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Forage harvester knives



We offer you the advantage of our long experience in materials, tooth definition and heat treatments:
- Carbon steel, alloy steel,
- Machined aggressive teeth
- Single or multiple heat treatment
- Anti-wear coating (tungsten carbide)
- Parts reinforced by the addition of very hard materials.



For the manufacture of knives and shear bars for self-propelled and towed forage harvesters we use steel specially designed to meet the strictest requirements in terms of wear-resistance and cutting ability. According to your needs, we use carbon steel or alloy steel. The main elements of alloy are chrome, vanadium, manganese and boron. Thanks to these elements, in comparison to standard steel, we obtain superior hardness, better cutting durability and considerably improved wear-resistance.


Heat Treatment:

Our blades receive quenching and tempering heat treatments. This makes it possible to increase their hardness and therefore their lifespan. In addition, we perform double-heat treatments. This process provides the entire part with high impact strength and further reinforces the hardness of the cutting edge. The bevels are coated with additions of tungsten carbide, which ensures the durability of knives for the most extreme conditions. Very hard metal placed on the ridges of shear bars with combined surfacing ensures proper work and perfect wear-resistance. Heat treatments are characterised by hardness measurements, carried out internally. (And/or by metallographic analysis)


Company standard:

More than 15 years ago Deguy-Conge initiated a quality approach to increase customer satisfaction.
We are currently ISO 9001 certified by AFNOR (major certification body in France).
In addition, we are regularly audited by our customers.



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Forage harvester knives



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