Our production tool:

Installed on over 17,000 m2, 4,000 m2 of which is dedicated to laser cutting, forging, machining, grinding and heat treatment, our potential is doubtlessly a major advantage for your future.

Our production tools which are at the cutting edge of technology are characterised by a high capacity to adapt to all types of knives and blades.

Future blades start with an extraction from semi-alloyed steel sheets by two laser cutting units.
Mechanical presses and a 400-ton forge crank linked to an induction heater, stamp and heat fold the blades. Next the knives are machined by five numerically operated machining units.

The hardness of parts is ensured by a robotised metallisation line and induction heaters for the heat treatment. The sharp side of the knife is made by grinding machines or tool grinding units. The knife is then painted and wrapped in a box case for shipment.



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