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Blades & Knives

Discover our ranges of blades and knives that are thought through and designed to meet all your expectations.
- For round balers: equipped with CAD for the definition of forged teeth, and a line of automatic machines for fabrication, we are very competitive in terms of making good quality parts with steel that is adapted to the working conditions of the knives.
Our organisation ensures constant quality in the fabrication and long-term sustainability of sharp parts.
- For rectangular balers
- For vertical mixing machines:
- For horizontal mixing machines:
- For silo fillers: we fabricate knives and contra-rotating blades by using cutting-edge technology in the tungsten carbide-based coating. Disks for corn silo fillers fit the stringent harvesting requirements perfectly thanks to thermal spraying.
- For silage cutters
- For vineyards
- Picker heads: steel knives coated with tungsten carbide, combined with an adapted heat treatment, ensure good quality performance.
- Miscellaneous knives (sugar cane, beetroot, tomato, etc...)
- Thanks to our sharpening machine, you can take advantage of our long experience to sharpen your tools yourself.
Equipped with two laser cutting units and the wealth of our experience, we offer our services in this field.  

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