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Some important dates

- 1880: the origins of the family cutting utensils business dates back to the beginning of the nineteenth century when it was created by Nicolas Conge (1802-1898). The company was located in Poulangy in the traditional cutting utensils region of Nogent (52).
- 1893: the beginning of growth. Because of insufficient hydraulic power, Jules Conge, Nicolas' son, decides to set up 15 km downstream on the Marne river in Luzy. He buys an old mill used to prepare hydraulic wheels. His son, Abel Conge (1864 - 1941) rapidly develops the business and the company employs almost 80 people.
They fabricated knives for butchers, delicatessens, table knives, sabres to cut sheets, knives for painters, etc. On February 8, 1893 he registers a knife sketch patent.
- 1919: Marguerite Conge, Abel's daughter marries Louis Deguy (1865-1971). The marriage dowry company becomes the Deguy business.
- 1948: Michel Deguy (1931- ), son of Marguerite and Louis Deguy, joins the company
- 1970s: after the opening of the common market in 1957 the competition intensified and Michel Deguy gives the company a new "prospective": blades for agricultural machines and lawn mowers.
- 1987: Jean-Luc Deguy integrates the family company
- 1980: 540 m² of new heat treatment workshops
- 1988: 520 m² extension of press workshops
- 1993: Michel Deguy retires and is succeeded by his son Jean-Luc
- 1995: the limited liability company becomes SA Deguy Conge (a public limited company)
- 2001: The public limited company becomes SAS Deguy Conge (a simplified joint stock company) with capital of 270,000 Euro and Jean-Luc Deguy becomes the president.
- 2002: Standard ISO9002 v4 certified and then 9001 v2000 certified one year after
- 2007: development of a new product: a knife-sharpening machine
- 2014: change in corporate identity: new logo



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